Logan City Police Department to enforce winter parking restrictions starting Sunday

Parking on public streets in Logan, Utah will have restrictions beginning on Sunday due to the need for roads to be cleared of snow. Citations will be issued by Logan police for failing to comply.

“Starting on Sunday to the last day of February, roads will be closed for parking from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.,” said Lt. Bret Randall, a Logan police officer.

Snow plow operators are slowed down by cars remaining in the street during prescribed snow removal hours. Failure to comply with the restrictions will result in a minimum fine of $40.

Streets located within Utah State University’s campus will also be subject to the restrictions, but citations will not be issued by the university’s police force.

“We don’t handle that,” said Andy Barnes, a USU police officer. “Logan’s police department has its own patrol that issues citations for street parking.”

Citations will also be given for pushing or throwing snow back onto city streets that was displaced by city snow plows.

The department will not be issuing citations for violating parking restrictions on Nov. 25-28 or Dec. 23-31 due to the increase of visitors in the city during national holidays.


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